Gamehag is a global platform which gives users access to multiplayer games. It has connected over 7 mln gamers, gave away prizes worth over 20 mln and carried out about 20 000 campaigns so far. There are 13M visits every month and 10 000 registrations every single day.

By playing games, you get Soul Gems which can then be exchanged for Prepaid Visa or MasterCard or Amazon gift cards. Additionally, you can use your Gems to get free Steam Codes, Robux, Crypto Vouchers, and much more.

Soul Gems can be obtained primarily by completing quests in free online games. Quests vary in difficulty and the number of Soul Gems you receive for completing them. You can also earn gems by completing online surveys. The questions are not about sensitive information – they are anonymous and are for market research purposes. They usually take a few minutes at most and provide a large amount of Soul Gems. In addition, it is also worth doing the so-called special tasks – short actions, such as liking a Facebook page profile or other social media platform, downloading a mobile application. Completing these types of tasks at the beginning of the adventure with the platform, combined with the gems that you receive at the beginning for completing the tutorial, is enough to collect your first prize.

For those more interested in the subject, a promotional code for Gamehag has been prepared, which will allow you to get an additional 200 Soul Gems: 200-GH-START. To redeem the code you need to earn at least 500 KD yourself which takes about 30 minutes. Then just enter the code in the “Promotion Code” field and additional Soul Gems will appear in your account. The next step will be to collect your first prize. The more interesting ones start more or less at the level of 400 Soul Gems. Good luck! Enter Gamehag now and see for yourself.

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