In the simplest terms, Curve is a payment card that is not linked to any account. It acts only as an “overlay” for other cards – when paying with Curve, they charge another debit or loan belonging to us. Therefore, the mobile application plays a key role in the service. It allows you to manage cards connected to Curve and indicate the one from which funds will be withdrawn during the next transaction.

The application can be downloaded from the Google Play or App Store, or directly from the Curve website:

Registration is not complicated. In the first step, we provide the e-mail address, telephone number, then name, surname and date of birth. The second requires you to enter your home address. An optional step is to enter a promotional code, if we received it from another Curve user. The company rewards both the referrer and the new customer with a deposit of GBP 10 to be used for card payments. If you want to receive 10 pounds, please enter my promo code during registration: NRV83VXE

The next step is to choose one of two options – the Curve Blue card (free shipping and no fees for use) or Curve Black (paid version); At the end of the registration process, we are asked about the type of employment and the address for shipping the card. The PIN for the application is also determined.

After registering and ordering the card, you can wait for the shipment. Plastic is activated in the mobile application.

With the help of the application, we can select stores where moneyback can be used (refund of 1% of expenses.) In the case of the free Curve Blue, refunds are valid for 3 months from card activation, at 3 selected merchants

The list of stores is quite long and everyone will find something for themselves. It includes both retail chains (eg Lidl, Aldi, Zara, Ikea), restaurants (eg McDonalds, Costa), but also service providers such as, Netflix or Spotify. Remember that once selected stores cannot be changed later – this is a limitation that is worth remembering. The reimbursement of part of the expenses is transferred to a special virtual card visible in the application – Curve Cash. There is also a bonus to start with if we used the recommendation at registration. However, the balance of this card is presented in a confusing way – in the form of points each representing £ 0.01

After receiving the physical card, we have plastic in our wallet that is not yet ready for use. There is no source of money. Therefore, in the next step we should add payment cards from which the funds will be withdrawn to the application

After adding cards to the application, we can pay with Curve plastic in stores, on the Internet and withdraw cash from ATMs. The principle of operation of “one card for everything” is simple – in the application we indicate from which card the funds are to be withdrawn

The “Time Travel” feature allows you to change payments from one card to another, up to 14 days after payment! All you have to do is indicate the transaction in the application and select the “time backward” option. In the next step, we indicate which card should “take over” this purchase, confirm the operations and it’s ready. The indicated plastic will be charged and the previous operation will be returned